fix lake county

Programs in Lake County are now limited. Jameson Rescue Ranch hands out spay-neuter vouchers at twice-yearly vaccination clinics. Join their facebook page to get info. 

Middletown Vet has teamed up with Dogwood Animal Rescue to do spay -neuters. Call Middletown Vet for more info.

Orphan Dog Rescue runs Big Fix Weekends twice a year: Fill out the form to get on a waitlist for our spay/ neuter events. Or May 2019 event is now full.

Contact us if you can volunteer to transport an animal to and from vet appointment for someone who can not transport their own animal. At this time, we can pay a small amount towards gas costs. (A paypal account would be helpful for this.) Email:

Our fundraising link  or use the PayPal link and note that your donation is for Fix Lake County.