You are ready to make it permanent by filling out the papers and going through the process. It is going to require that you answer some questions, let us know a little about your history with dogs, your family and whether or not THIS particular dog will fit into YOUR home. While we can't promise or say if this is the right dog for you, this process will help ensure that if you do become a forever is really forever! 

By the time you've completed the process you'll have needed the following things, though not neccessarily in this order:

- Found a dog

- Completed an application

- Met the dog you'd like to adopt in person- at an event OR here in Lakeport

- Had an interview with an LCAS Volunteer

- Paid your adoption fees


BY Dr. Ian Dunbar


Step One

Getting the Ducks In A Row

Some suggested information to have on hand for our  process, (and othre groups!) are:

A completed Landlord Letter of Consent (if you rent)

A Mortgage Statement or Tax Bill (if you own)

Name & phone number of your Veterinarian

Square foot size of your yard, patio or deck

Height measurement of your fence and self-inspection for any holes, wear and erosion

You don't have to know the exact dog you wish to apply for before you complete an application. The above information will be needed for any which dog you wish to apply for. It will speed up the process to have it ready! FILL OUT THE APPLICATION NOW!

If we have a litter of puppies and you are applying for a member of that litter, your application will be one of many. The applications are filed in the order they are received. We ask that you and your family, talk over your choices and decide if this is, indeed, the litter for you. Families are then picked to come be with the litter and meet all the dogs. Sometimes, a family knows EXACTLY which dog they want, so we go from there.

Step Two

Meeting Your Potential Sidekick

Make arrangements to come visit your potential dog or puppy. This is a great time to have your APPLICATION completed, it's not unheard of for some people to take their new dog or puppy home after the first meeting if the interview goes well. You can also call ahead and make arrangements to visit a dog or puppy being fostered in one of our foster homes. The best way is to VISIT ONE OF OUR EVENTS!

Visiting an event is one of the best ways to meet all our dogs!

Meeting your potential companion is important. It's very easy to fall in love with an adorable dog online no matter if it's just a photo or video. Meeting and spending time with your potential adoptee is very important. It gives you, family members and your dogs (if you currently have one) some together time to be sure everyone is right for each other. 

There are many informed volunteers on hand at our events to answer any questions you might have about the dogs and adoption details.


Step Three

The End of The Process

Now, if you've reached this far in the process, you've COMPLETED AN APPLICATION, VISITED THE DOG, had your interview. This will leave you with two possible outcomes as a result. The first being that we'll be calling you to arrange a time for you to pay your adoption fees and pick up your new sidekick which is obviously the ideal situation! 

The other outcome is that you've completed all the work you needed to, to get your dog and you are now getting notified that you are not getting that particlur dog. It's not news we enjoy handing out, we know you've likely fallen in love with the dog but if we do so it's because after discussion or consideration the situation just wasn't a fit for the dog(s),  or another application that came in just before yours was also approved. We always welcome you to reapply if your situation changes or if you think you've found another dog that is a better fit!